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Summer is over?

I will be the first to admit that we barely sat still this summer.  In fact, I am the first to admit that we don't sit still well much at all, period.  But particularly in the summer, we play hard.  My rationale is that we work hard during the school year, so we make the most of the break, especially since I know we won't alway have summers together as an entire family.  (We already experience this with our two oldest boys being in their 20s, with jobs and responsibilities that prevent them from going on every trip with us.)

So, despite all the things we have done -- including the things in the past month that I haven't even had a chance to blog about, like a special visit from my dear friend Katie, a four-wheeling trip through the mountains of West Virginia with my parents, and a concert celebrating the past 40 years of the community theatre -- it still somehow feels like summer went by so quickly. 

Alas, time is but an illusion, of course.  :) 

However it happened, I found myself in teacher training yesterday, and I will say that despite the confusion and rescheduling that comes with a building renovation and despite the tightening of the spending belt that is happening all over the state, we have a great district here.  I am so glad I work here and that my kids go to school here.  I am looking forward to teaching senior English again, after many years of having all juniors, and the things I have planned for our theatre program are going to be exciting -- especially on a brand-spanking-new stage this spring.  I am fortunate to work with amazing educators -- and fortunate that they help my kids learn. 

While it is sad to see summer go -- and the freedom from a schedule that goes with it -- I am looking forward to not only my new school year, but that of our kids.  We'll have a senior, which is always exciting; we will have two at the middle school (how did THAT happen?); and Little Liam will be flying solo at the elementary school.  Oh, and I guess I could count myself as a student this year, since I start classes for my doctorate next week.  

All we need is for Dunkin to bring back the Pumpkin Spiced coffee, and we'll be set.  Happy New Year, everybody! 


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