Hello, Summer!
Start Your Engines!

Blink . . . and it's July!

As cliche as it sounds, I really do feel as though the school year ended just yesterday.  But here we are, a whirlwind of concerts, recitals, vacation and a college visit later and it's July!  Our summer dance card has been so full that we have been struggling to find time to visit the family farm and carve out a weekend to visit some dear friends a few hours away.  But, I think we have been striking a nice balance between activity (yay!  I have time to run again!) and relaxation (three beaches in one week!).  We are home for a few days before we leave for the annual truck show that Gene and his family have attended for the past 25 years (every day is an adventure!).  

Cue the seemingly endless piles of laundry from our beach trip and some remodeling of the utility room into an office space.  No, Gene and I do not sit still well.  It's one of the many things I love about him.  Instead of being criticized for being on the go, for doing a lot of things, I have a partner working by my side, creating or exploring with me.  And it's great.  

I suppose at some point, I will need to start thinking about next school year and about our family plans.  But, for now . . . it's July!  We were explicitly ordered by our superintendent to take July off at our end-of-the-year meeting, and I intend to follow those instructions to the letter.  She said to rediscover ourselves and what we love, to spend time with those we love, including ourselves.  

One of the things I love to do is write, and while I've been writing for the newspaper and in my personal journal, I haven't been too faithful to writing this blog over the past month.  So, in July, I plan to write at least 2 times a week.  And because I like to experience what my students do in my classroom from time to time, I think I will find some writing prompts and make myself answer them.  (That can't be considered "working," right?  If it's something I love to do?)  

So, here's to July!  Make the most of it, friends. 


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