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I am pleased and excited to announce that I have been accepted into Immaculata University's graduate program, and I will begin working toward my Doctorate in Educational Leadership this fall!  

I first heard about the program when I contacted a friend who has had a similar career path -- a soprano with an English degree who directed and performed in theatre -- and who has moved from the classroom to administrative work, earning her doctorate all while raising her child with her husband locally.  I have always wanted to pursue my PhD, but I refuse to drive to Penn State (the only University near us which such a program) several days a week while my children are so young and active in school.  I learned that this friend participated in a cohort through Immaculata and that a new one would be starting near me.  

After talking it over with Gene, who was incredibly supportive, I decided to apply.  I had to submit an application, references from my principals, a statement of intent/beliefs, and transcripts.  After they reviewed my materials, they invited me to an interview, and about a week later, the acceptance letter arrived in the mail.

The program is teacher-friendly: I will take one class at a time, one night a week, for a total of 2 per semester.  All courses are taught by professors and professionals in the field (School Law by an experience attorney, for example) at a nearby school district.  I have the option to take summer courses online, which I will do for some prerequisites that I need, but otherwise, the instruction is in real life.  After three years of courses, I will begin my dissertation.  At this time, I think I will add the principal and supervisory certifications, but those specifics may take a different shape as I advance through the curriculum.  

I've always loved a challenge, and I expect juggling graduate work, a full-time teaching job, three children, and the theatre program to afford me all the challenges I will want and more over the next few years.  For now, I am beyond excited to begin a new adventure, with Gene and the kids enthusiastically cheering me on. 



Joyce Wilson

Wonderful, Denise! Good luck with this latest endeavor. I am sure you will be amazingly successful!

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