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Is there anything more miraculous than the birth of a baby?  The anxiety that comes along with what is a truly herculean physical process of labor and delivery; the excitement that builds as everyone waits to see the new child; the sheer joy that wraps itself in the words, "The baby is here!"; the immense gratitude that fills the heart when baby and mother are healthy and well.  

Every time I am around a pregnant woman or around mothers when birth stories come up, memories come flooding back -- the pain, the joy, the fear, the love.  What I think I love most about each of my own birth stories is the overpowering feeling of possibility that each child brings into the world. 

Emerson said that with each child is "the beginning of a revolution," the beginning of "the perpetual romance of new life, the invasion of God into the old dead world, when he sends into quiet houses a young soul with a thought which is not yet met."  Each child is born with an immeasurable amount of potential, with a blank book in his hands which awaits for the chapters to be written. 

And so, on May 11, at 8:38 PM, Lincoln Kyle Clark entered this world. 


Full of possibility and surrounded by love, little Lincoln began his beautiful journey on this planet, with all 6 lbs, 12 oz. of him rearing to go.  His parents adore him; his aunts and uncles are ready to spoil him; his grandparents are thankful for all that he symbolizes: hope, love, faith.  Kyle is a man devoted to his fiancee and his step-daughters -- and now their son.  The smile didn't come off his face the entire time they were at the hospital.  Lincoln seems to have inherited his easy-going temperament, and it seems certain that the two are destined to be thick as thieves, with a multitude of adventures in store.  Brittney bravely endured more labor than the three of my children combined, and she too is clearly in love with their little man.  



It's moments like these, when a baby is born, that I am reminded of all that is really right in the world.  Gene and I have a beautiful family, and with the addition of Lincoln, our tribe expanded in love.  On Mother's Day, Gene's younger son Kody gave me a card that said, "Families can be complicated," and boy, if that isn't the truth for us!  But, love isn't complicated, Kody continued as he thanked me for opening my doors and my heart to him and the rest of his family.  

Just last night, Gabrielle had her final chorus concert of her elementary school career, and we took a silly selfie together on the lawn (Kaylea was at her voice lesson; Kody was at work).  


Gene's sister paid me an incredible compliment on Facebook: "Denise, you make Gene whole again" -- and while I am honored, the truth is that we make each other -- and our diverse brood -- whole.  Each one of our kids -- and grandkids! -- are filled with potential, and I can't wait to see where life takes each of them.  

Welcome to the world -- and our family! -- Lincoln Kyle! 



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