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Little Liam isn't so Little

Somehow, it's May 1st, and my kindergartener is about a month away from being a first grader.  While the year hasn't been without its challenges, I am really proud of the way Liam has grown in maturity this year.  He has been doing really well in soccer and other activities as well. 


He has also become quite the comedian lately as well.  Just last night, I was trying to get Gene to try the strawberry/spinach/feta salad I made, and when Gene said that he was skeptical of fruits in salad because "lettuce, strawberries, and onion don't even grow in the same garden," Liam looked over at me and Kaylea, shook his head and said, "Clueless!" in this singsong way that made us bust up laughing for a good five minutes.  He then proceeded to tell Gene that he had to have a "try-me bite" of the salad (my term for the bite Liam has to try when he says he doesn't like what I've cooked) because Gene is a "growner" and is "all grown up."  There are a dozen stories like this every week.  Liam is just such a joyful, funny, enthusiastic kid.  

And boy does he love his dog Gingersnap!  The other morning, Liam woke up early to see what the tooth fairy had left under his pillow...


(Answers to your questions:  $1, and yes, I still keep my kids' teeth.  And no, I still have no idea what I am supposed to do with them.)

Once the excitement was over, Liam had some time to kill on his hands, so he snuggled up with Ginger and they couldn't have been happier. 



While "Little Liam" is less and less little every day, he won't stop being my baby . . . even when he's a growner.  


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