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Happy Rainy Friday, my friends!  It's "Senior Skip Day," and it's all supposed to be a grand secret kept by the senior class, but we teachers have been down this road before.  It's the Friday before prom.  We know students are going to skip.  Heck, my first class is all juniors and only 9 of them are here (to be fair, some are decorating for the dance).  Needless to say, this is going to be an easy day. 

That means I have some time during my lunch period to write, which I haven't had much of lately.  After this post, I'll share some pictures of what has been keeping me so busy, but for now, I offer some random musings.  Enjoy!

** Have you ever noticed how a liar gets nervous when two people he's lied to are in the same room, talking to each other?  The anxiety is palpable as he wonders how quickly they may compare notes.  When only one of those people know about his lies, and he's still in the process of hoodwinking the other, he nervously hovers, trying to control the informational flow.  I found myself in this position just yesterday, and I found it greatly amusing.  Oh, I should clarify -- I wasn't the liar, or the hoodwinked.  I can safely say amusement isn't for either of those two roles.  

** I have been avoiding a conflict for the sake of other people I care dearly about, and I realize I really should not do that any more.  By avoiding this conflict, I have also allowed someone to get social credit for being someone they are not.  I've allowed this person to shirk responsibility for far too long, especially since this person caused the strife to begin with.  I have decided that this needs to stop.  I realize I am being vague here, and I am sorry.  I am sharing this in case it speaks to anyone else reading this -- are you allowing someone to take advantage of you?  Then stop.  I have allowed it for far too long, and while what's to come is certainly going to be challenging, I know it's the right thing to do.  I am sick of being walked all over, simply because it is assumed that I won't do anything about it.  

** I've also decided to do something very big!  I have applied to begin my Doctorate in Educational Leadership.  A friend went through the same program and recommended it to me.  I went to an interest meeting, I talked it over with Gene, and based on his encouragement, I have decided to apply!  Obviously, I still have to be accepted, but I feel fairly confident about my chances.  My principals know (they wrote me reference letters, after all), and they are very supportive.   I have always wanted my doctorate, and I haven't pursued it because my children are little and I refuse to commute to Penn State several times a week right now.  So, this program is absolutely perfect for where I am in life right now, and I hope it works out.  

Last Musing for Now . . . 

** It's amazing the difference being in a positive and loving relationship can make on one's life.  The past few weeks have been insanely busy and slightly stressful for our family.  Between renovating the house, moving, my directing a play, his being swamped at work, not to mention the various activities of the kids' -- theatre classes, concerts, voice lessons, track, prom -- Gene and I have often found ourselves overwhelmed by it all.  BUT, here's the beautiful thing:  instead of taking it out on each other, instead of resenting each other, we just talk about how to divide and conquer the to-do list.  We just talk about which things we might want to cut back on so as to make our lives less frantic.  We just talk about how much we are going to miss our crazy busy life when the kids are grown and off on their own.  We both come from completely opposite relationships than the one we have now, and honestly, those bad experiences help us to appreciate what we have now.  

Not bad for a rainy Friday! 


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