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Easter with the Brady Bunch

We had a bit of a nontraditional Easter this year because we started moving things from the "country house" to the "town house" on Friday.  After a lot of work, Kody and Kale are all set up in their new rooms; Gene and I are awaiting new carpet in our room before the contractor can finish the paint and trim.  The downstairs bath isn't quite done yet, but we are sooooo close to having it all put together.  The result was that between moving and Holy Week masses, our Easter dinner ended up being burgers and dogs.  But, we took Sunday off to just enjoy our family, and it was the perfect day.  

My kids came back to us on Saturday night, which was a nice surprise since I thought they would be with their dad until Sunday. We were able to go to mass together, which was really great.  The kids miss going to mass at their home parish, so we love walking down to the church together when they are home.  



And, the Easter bunny hid the baskets for our annual scavenger hunt in the morning.  The Bunny really made the kids work this year --- Aidan had to go all the way down to the middle school on his bike, and Ellie and Liam had to go to the playground.  Even Kale had to work for her basket and follow the clues. 




The rest of the day was spent hunting Easter eggs, riding bikes, dying eggs, and just loving the beautiful weather and people in our lives!


So, nontraditional maybe, but still refreshing and filled with love and new life.  Happy Easter and Happy Spring! 



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