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So Much for a Secret

In attempt to bribe Liam to stay in his bedroom all night (we found him sitting on Ellie's bed last night, playing with a flashlight, trying to wake her up at 11 pm), I told him I'd take him to Dunkin Donuts tomorrow for breakfast.

(The big kids have an inservice day tomorrow, so they are leaving early with Michael and spending the day in Lock Haven.)

I told Liam to keep it a secret, to not tell Aidan or Gabrielle. He said, "Okay, Mommy," and promptly went back to his room and announced to his big brother, "I'm going to Dunkin Donuts tomorrow!"

Well, then. I guess I won't be telling Liam any more secrets any time soon! Jeez...if you can't trust a two-year-old, who can you trust?!

The Amazing Balance Powerband

Today, one of my drama students spontaneously gave me his "Balance Powerband" for my birthday. Of course, I made fun of his superstitious bracelet which, apparently, will keep the wearer from falling down...ever. We made a deal that I would wear it for 24 hours to see if I noticed a difference. With a little help from Michael's photoshop skills, I'd say the Balance Powerband" is an absolute miracle. Go buy one. Now.

The Amazing Balance Powerband

The Amazing Balance Powerband


My boys!

Aidan truly is the best big brother on the planet...even when he gets frustrated at Liam's attempts to play his more advanced games and tells him, "Liam! You make steam come outta my ears!"

In all honesty, though, Liam had such a smooth transition to school today because his brother and sister kept psyching him up for it. I love these kids! :)



Time Out!

I just put Liam in a time out because he went out the front door without asking me to go outside (kind of a big deal for a 3-year-old). When the timer went off, I asked Liam if he knew why he got a time out.

"Because I yell and spit and was crying and not nice."

Uh...he didn't do any of at least. I guess I should take it as a sign that he's learning the rules!

Off the Face of the Planet??

I know, I know...I fell off the face of the planet, blog-wise. Here's what happened: TEACHER INSERVICE DAYS! :) The past few days have been spent preparing for the new school year, and I have to say I'm -- as usual -- really excited for the start of school. I received a lot of new books that I asked for, and refreshing my curriculum is always, well...refreshing. In addition, I have big plans for our Drama classes and school productions.

Tomorrow, Aidan starts 3rd grade, and Ellie starts 1st grade. Liam had his bookbag blessed by Father Manno just like the big kids did during Mass today, and he doesn't seem to be actively protesting returning to "cool" just yet. We'll see how it goes tomorrow morning, of course...

It's sad to see summer go, of course, but a new school year offers so much potential! Here's to a great 2013-2014.