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Detective Mrs. Connor

I've been noticing a rather strange habit among my male students. Some wear elastic hair bands on their wrists. I keep asking them why, and haven't heard a satisfactory answer until today.

Me: "Ok, what's up with the hair band? Seriously."

Student: "I just wear it."

Me: "That is not true. You don't have long hair. Why do you have that on?"

Student sheepishly grins, looks down. "Well, my girlfriend makes me wear it."

Cue the high wattage light bulb above my head.

"Oh my goodness! She marked you, didn't she? It's a sign to other girls that you are taken, isn't it?!"

Student: "Well, um...yeah."

Me: pausing, gloating with smug satisfaction.

Student: "So, can I go to my locker now?"

Detective Mrs. Connor


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