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Call me . . .Maybe?

By now, you've likely heard about or seen Harvard's Baseball Team's viral YouTube video of the hit pop song, "Call Me Maybe."    The Montoursville Baseball team has joined the bandwagon, evidently not minding a bit that the song makes no sense ("Before you came into my life, I missed you so bad!")


I've pointed out more than once that essentially, they are putting on a musical and should come out to the next Theatre Arts Club Meeting.  I'll let you know how that goes . . .

The Ray of Light Awards

I took the most gorgeous girl in the world to the Ray of Light Awards last night!


She sat on the edge of her seat (we were in the front row!) the whole time, mesmerized.  I can definitely see someone catching the theatre bug!  I reminded her that in a few weeks, she'll be on that stage in her dance recital!  And she didn't want to go anywhere without this Sarah (not to be confused with BFF Sarah!)


Our kids did an amazing job on stage, performing a number from Godspell, which was nominated for best small-scale musical and won the award for best choreography:


And though The Importance of Being Earnest did not win the award for Best Play, I remain incredibly proud of what my high school students were able to accomplish with Oscar Wilde's literary masterpiece.  A friend of mine used to live and work in NYC, and as any rational person would do when living and working in NYC, she went to as many plays and musicals that she could attend. She told me that our production rivalled any that she had seen in the City, and that several times during the production, she had to remind herself that she was watching high school students.  And the fact that my kids conquered a challenging work of literautre plus learned quite a bit about Wilde's message about silly social constructs is more rewarding than any trophy could ever be!  I love my students, and I'm immensely proud of them all!



Who Says I Wasted a Year in Beauty School??

This was a weekend for hair!  Liam's first haircut (yes, I realize most kids have had quite a few haircuts by his age, but my kids have all been little versions of Mr. Clean...).  But, alas!  it was time for Liam's ginger curls to go.  He looks way too old now. 




I think he was pleased with the result . . . or wait, that's the face he makes every time we get out the camera.  He was saying,  "CHEESE!"

Not to be left out, it was Gabrielle's turn to get ready for dance pictures!



Almost done . . . then her BFF Sarah came over, and I did her hair.  The dymanic duo was ready to rock the pics!



Mom Enough? A Little Too Much for Me . . .

By now, you've no doubt seen the cover of TIME magazine.  It was an effective marketing strategy:  they are selling magazines like crazy in a time when print media is suffering sales.  Good for them.  Here's what I don't like about the cover, as a mother who breast-fed her three children: it makes breastfeeding look creepy.  Breast-feeding is not creepy, but many people think so.  In fact, in my own experience, breastfeeding was something I had to explain and defend, even to my own family.

When I had Aidan, I chose to breastfeed,  and some of Michael's family questioned me like I was some kind of social pariah:  "How long are you going to breastfeed that baby?" followed by the cautionary urban legend of some mother in Lock Haven who breastfed her kid until he was ____ (insert age here; it was higher every time I heard the story).  By the way, I remember that question being asked of me when Aidan was 10 days old, not 3 years old.

I understand why the women of Mike's family thought it was weird: when my mother had her children, the doctor gave a shot to "dry up her milk" and a can of Enfamil to take home.  No one talked to her about the option of breastfeeding.  It just wasn't done, for some reason.

Things have changed in the 7 years since I had Aidan -- Mike's cousin and sister breastfed their babies and no one thought they were freaks.  Progress has been made. 

Personally, I did not nurse my children for more than a year:  Aidan weaned himself at 11 months; Gabrielle was born as I was starting student teaching and I couldn't keep up milk production; Liam was born as I had a limited number of sick days to comprise my maternity leave from school.   Would I have nursed until they were 2 or 3 years old?  No.  Liam is almost 2 now; he rarely sits still enough to eat his real-food lunch, and it helps that his sippy cup is portable because he's always on the go.  Does that mean I disagree with women nursing their children longer than I did?  No.  Each parent needs to make personal decisions based on the well-being on their children.  I can't decide what is right for someone else.

But, TIME -- I hope you enjoy those sales revenues because you did little social good by depicting breastfeeding in such a way.  The reality is that while more women are breastfeeding, not all women are, and some women who would benefit from nursing don't do it, in part because of the social stigma. 

I suggest reading this excellent article on the topic written by a pediatrician, published in the Boston Globe:

Happy Mother's Day Secret

Gabrielle: "Mom, wait til you see what we got you."

Me: "Ok, Ellie, don't tell me."

G: "Ok, Momma, I'll just tell you this: it's shaped like a circle and it goes on your finger."

Yes, they got me a beautiful ring, and I had breakfast in bed, too! Aidan made a pin, a potted flower, and several other crafts. Gabrielle made me a card and a neat handprint picture. Liam got me some Gerber daisies. We spent the day at church and at a baptism for Mike's goddaughter, Mia Grace; we had lunch then I went for a 6.5 mile run--perfect day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! :)

Teacher Appreciation Week!

It's Teacher Appreciation Week!  Thank you to all those educators out there who diligently strive for excellence each and every day in the classroom!  I took the kids to pick out flowers for their teacher yesterday . . . Gabrielle -- of course? -- chose pink roses . . . Aidan chose red.  Ah, the second year of teacher crushes for my little man.  :)