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Move those Mountains!

Charlie Brown and Moving Mtns 2012 044

Charlie (Bob Taylor) with his various "ladyfriends": Polly (Sandie Fairman); Gwen (Andree Phillips); and Harriet (Miki Rebeck)

Charlie Brown and Moving Mtns 2012 022

Charlie again, with his daughter, Elaine (Melissa Hersh).  Look at that sauna in the back!!!  Wow! 


Director's Corner -- My Note in the Program for Moving Mountains

When CTL asked me to direct Moving Mountains, I was honored.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of directing a mainstage play here.  CTL is a magical place.  I leave rehearsal one night, only to come in the next day to find a beautiful set, painted and ready for use.  I leave rehearsal one night, only to come in the next day to find the set filled with furniture, customized and ready for use.  I leave rehearsal one night, only to come in the next day to find the set illuminated with beautifully designed lights and wired for sound effects, ready for use.  I truly cannot thank the members of the production team enough for their dedication and professionalism:  Jason Moyer, Dawn and Sam Burch, Bill Dando, Ed Richards, Pam Wright, Tom Wilson – wow!  You are truly top-notch talent.  The theatre is so very fortunate to have you involved! 

Because of the wonderful people listed above, I was able to truly focus on the script.  Lawrence Roman offers a comedy laced with a poignant message – “When will you understand that aging doesn’t necessarily mean getting old?”  And the cast you are about to be delightfully entertained by truly grasps this message.  I’ve been blessed to work with these veteran actors – some of whom have been working the boards longer than I’ve been alive.  And I mean that as a compliment – what a wealth of experience they have to share!  Each member of the cast – regardless of age! – brings a unique perspective and an inspiring devotion to the theatre.   Of course, devotion means time commitment, and I thank the cast for their commitment to our rehearsal schedule and for their willingness to take my direction.

 I also thank from the bottom of my heart my husband Michael and my three children – Aidan, Gabrielle, and Liam – for supporting my participation in this show!  I love you all so much!   Thank you to Jason, for mentoring me, and to CTL, for believing in me and giving me an opportunity to cultivate my directing skills.  And thank you, Dear Audience, for coming tonight, for supporting the Community Theatre League!  Enjoy the show!

Creative Endeavor

About a year ago, a dear friend of mine who serves as the Community Theatre League Artistic Director for Plays asked me to direct a mainstage show for this season.  I was honored, but knowing how busy we can get, I went home and talked it over with Mike before committing to the opportunity.  From time to time, my husband and I find ourselves committed to events which we regret committing ourselves to. This is most definitely NOT one of those times for me. 

Yes, the hours are late, especially this week when rehearsals are every night until 10 or 10:30.  Yes, the time at the theatre cuts into my time with my family.  Aside from those non-sustainable drawbacks, I am entirely glad that I agreed to direct Moving Mountainsat CTL.  The fact that the long technical rehearsals only last one week is the only compensation to the schedule.  If these rehearsals were every week, that long -- yeah, I'd have to say no.  But, fortunately, Mike and I are pretty good about sharing childcare responsibilities and balancing commitments.

During the process of this play, I have learned a lot about myself and about directing adults.  I've done five shows with high school students, but this is my first time working with adults -- some of whom have been acting longer than I have been alive.  It's been an edifying experience for me.  The main character has a line about his lady friends:  "My friends and I are engaged in creative endeavor" and I can honestly say that phrase encapsulates my experience with the cast of Moving Mountains.  

I have been thoroughly impressed with the way that these veteran actors prepare their scripts and create their characters.  In addition, I've been humbled by the way that they have been open to my insight and direction.  After all, this is the 6th show I've ever directed.  Ever.  What do I have to tell these folks?  As it turns out -- quite a bit!  I rely heavily on my literature background to inform my directing decisions for the stage.   I love that my cast members are so devoted to excellence on the stage that they are willing to listen to my ideas.  I try to encourage a community environment as well -- and I often invite personal interpretations and suggestions from my actors. 

If you are in town, you should definitely come see this show!  I'm quite proud of what we've accomplished!


Tech Week

I can't believe it's here, but tomorrow starts tech week for my play, "Moving Mountains" at the Community Theatre League in Williamsport. It's been a truly fun experience, and I can't wait to see how the show is affected by lighting, sound effects, costuming, and ...come Friday, an audience!

Consider stopping by the show! Tickets are available online at!

Away Game!

Ya gotta love AYSO...Aidan's U8 team travelled to Liberty today to play, and when only three of our boys showed up, we borrowed two kids from the opposite team and played five-on-five. It was an exciting game: the field was huge and the boys played their hearts out. Unfortunately, the Stingers stung us 4-2.

Away Game!

Sick Day??

This morning, at 2 AM, I took Aidan to the ER because he was crying in pain due to an earache. He was given a variety of medications, and it was determined that Mike would stay home with the boys today.  I just took a peek at my cell phone, and I'm starting to wonder what's going on at home!!



A Great Weekend for Soccer

Aidan has been practicing for the AYSO U8 Boys Team, the Firebolts, for a couple of weeks now, and today #123 (yes, it's really three digits) took the field with his teammates against the South Williamsport Tsunamis. Unfortunately, the forces of nature were not in our favor today, but Aidan had a great time. In fact, he was in uniform, gearing up for the game in the backyard 3 hours early!

Last night, Gabrielle donned her pink cleats and took the field as a U6 Bluebird (evidently the younger teams get more innocuous names). She loved every minute, and even scored a goal!

A Great Weekend for Soccer

A Great Weekend for Soccer

Easter 2012

After Aidan woke us up at 12:15 a.m., declaring, "It's Easter!"  we managed to get a couple more hours of sleep before the kids all woke up at 5:45 a.m., determined to see if the Easter Bunny brought them baskets...this was after doing the Easter Vigil Mass until about 10:45 p.m., then ya know, hiding the baskets and the clues for the morning.  Worth it?  Definitely!  :)

We started at the kitchen table, where the kids found a note that said, "Good morning!  If it is an Easter basket you seek, you must follow the bunny trail.  First, go check the mail." 


Yep, out to the mailbox we went!  (Did I mention this was before 6 a.m.?)  The next clue said, "Be careful crossing the street. . . now go to Liam's favorite seat."

At Liam's stuffed Elmo chair, they found directions to "go to the place where Gabrielle combs her hair." 

In the bathroom drawer, the clue sent them to "where Aidan stores his art."   Once at the art desk, each child found a clue for their baskets -- Gabrielle's was in her closet with her ballet shoes, Aidan's was with his Pokemon, and Liam's was in his high chair. 

Then, it was off to Mass!  We had a blessed Easter, and -- so far! -- an enjoyable break.