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A Great Weekend for Soccer

Easter 2012

After Aidan woke us up at 12:15 a.m., declaring, "It's Easter!"  we managed to get a couple more hours of sleep before the kids all woke up at 5:45 a.m., determined to see if the Easter Bunny brought them baskets...this was after doing the Easter Vigil Mass until about 10:45 p.m., then ya know, hiding the baskets and the clues for the morning.  Worth it?  Definitely!  :)

We started at the kitchen table, where the kids found a note that said, "Good morning!  If it is an Easter basket you seek, you must follow the bunny trail.  First, go check the mail." 


Yep, out to the mailbox we went!  (Did I mention this was before 6 a.m.?)  The next clue said, "Be careful crossing the street. . . now go to Liam's favorite seat."

At Liam's stuffed Elmo chair, they found directions to "go to the place where Gabrielle combs her hair." 

In the bathroom drawer, the clue sent them to "where Aidan stores his art."   Once at the art desk, each child found a clue for their baskets -- Gabrielle's was in her closet with her ballet shoes, Aidan's was with his Pokemon, and Liam's was in his high chair. 

Then, it was off to Mass!  We had a blessed Easter, and -- so far! -- an enjoyable break. 








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