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Director's Corner -- My Note in the Program for Moving Mountains

Creative Endeavor

About a year ago, a dear friend of mine who serves as the Community Theatre League Artistic Director for Plays asked me to direct a mainstage show for this season.  I was honored, but knowing how busy we can get, I went home and talked it over with Mike before committing to the opportunity.  From time to time, my husband and I find ourselves committed to events which we regret committing ourselves to. This is most definitely NOT one of those times for me. 

Yes, the hours are late, especially this week when rehearsals are every night until 10 or 10:30.  Yes, the time at the theatre cuts into my time with my family.  Aside from those non-sustainable drawbacks, I am entirely glad that I agreed to direct Moving Mountainsat CTL.  The fact that the long technical rehearsals only last one week is the only compensation to the schedule.  If these rehearsals were every week, that long -- yeah, I'd have to say no.  But, fortunately, Mike and I are pretty good about sharing childcare responsibilities and balancing commitments.

During the process of this play, I have learned a lot about myself and about directing adults.  I've done five shows with high school students, but this is my first time working with adults -- some of whom have been acting longer than I have been alive.  It's been an edifying experience for me.  The main character has a line about his lady friends:  "My friends and I are engaged in creative endeavor" and I can honestly say that phrase encapsulates my experience with the cast of Moving Mountains.  

I have been thoroughly impressed with the way that these veteran actors prepare their scripts and create their characters.  In addition, I've been humbled by the way that they have been open to my insight and direction.  After all, this is the 6th show I've ever directed.  Ever.  What do I have to tell these folks?  As it turns out -- quite a bit!  I rely heavily on my literature background to inform my directing decisions for the stage.   I love that my cast members are so devoted to excellence on the stage that they are willing to listen to my ideas.  I try to encourage a community environment as well -- and I often invite personal interpretations and suggestions from my actors. 

If you are in town, you should definitely come see this show!  I'm quite proud of what we've accomplished!



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