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March 2012 entries

"Bye, Mom!" (Don't let the door hit you on the way out...)

I've been virtually living at the school or at CTL the past two weeks or so because of the two shows I'm involved with right now. Naturally, I've felt bad about the hectic schedule and the amount of time away from the kids (though it's Liam I don't see the most, since he commutes with Dad).

Gabrielle just asked me, "What are we doing tonight, Mom?"

I replied, "I have to go to the school to run lights for the show."

Gabrielle responded, "Yes!" (complete with a fist pump).


"Well, when you have a show, Dad lets us watch a movie. It's just pretty hard, Mom. Us three kids can be a lot of work."

Dr. Aidan, psychologist

Yet another van drive analysis, brought to you by Aidan:

"It would be funny if you were a 31 year old baby, huh, Mom?"

Me: "I'd love to be a baby again."

[Editor's Note: I was thinking footie pajamas and a nap, OK?!]

Aidan: "Why? So you can restart the life cycle so you don't have to get old and die?"


Leisure Reading

After a long weekend, I settle down for maybe 30 minutes of leisure reading. A student loaned me a book on Thursday, and it seems like a good time to start it. Mike's doing his usual evening perusal of world news on his iPhone next to me.

"Did you hear that?" my husband asks.

I look up from The Hunger Games. "No. . . What?"

"It was the sound of the bandwagon."

Yep, it took me a minute, too, but I definitely guffawed when I got it. Hey, he can laugh all he wants; my bandwagon book-turned-movie brought in $155 million this weekend.

Let There Be Light

I agreed to "design lighting" for out high school's spring musical. Did I know how to operate the light board? No. Did I let that stop me? No.

Without getting into the elaborate backstory of me learning how to work the oldest light board ever to turn on the most randomly positioned stage lights ever, I'll sum it up thus: I created over 50 cues to make Jesus and his cronies cast some Godspell magic.

Then it was decided that our (theatre department) request to have the lights cleaned (lonnnng over due!) and reset into a logical pattern would actually be fulfilled. On Monday. And Tuesday. And part of Wednesday. (Did I mention we open next week?)

Ryan, one of our devoted seniors who is going major in stage management in the fall, worked diligently with "Awesome Kevin" from the lighting company. He ended each day covered in years' worth of grime with a goofy grin on his face. He and many other students and the musical director, Jaclyn Gilbert, worked tirelessly to create quite possibly the most beautifully lit stage our school has ever had.

Then I deleted my cues. Then I sighed. Then I started over. Then I had 59 cues saved. Then it was 11 p.m. last night.

Wanna see what I mean? Come to Montoursville High School on March 29, 30, or 31 at 7 p.m. to see a great group of kids with a great director perform Godspell.

I Used to Think

* that there was NO way in hell I could run more than the gym-class-required mile

* that I would die in childbirth

* changing my name to "Samantha" so as not confuse my elementary school teacher who had two students named Denise in class was a good idea

* that marriage was an effortless happily-ever-after

* I wasn't cut out for teaching (well, OK, I still think that some days)

* my dad was the strongest man in the world

* my mom was the loudest laugher in the world (yeah, now that's me, according to my kids)

* I would be an opera singer when I grew up

* singing at Lourdes was a temporary gig

* Catholics worshipped graven images

* I was really busy . . . before I had three children and two jobs

* about what eternity would look like when I couldn't fall asleep at night when I was 6 (mostly black space with stars?)

* that my teachers never had to use the bathroom or go to the grocery store.  In fact, I never once thought of them as having any kind of personal life.  Didn't they just live in their classrooms, prepping for today's lesson?

* that my high school band director, Jack Shaffer, was God's little brother.  He was incredible in so many ways.

* that watermelons would grow in my belly if I swallowed the seeds.  After all, that's what my Pappy told me.

* that bad things never happened to good people

Director Diaries

Tonight, I officially begin directing a play at the Williamsport Community Theatre League. It's a comedy called "Moving Mountains" by Lawrence Roman. Set in a modern-day retirement community, the play features 7 adult actors, most in their 50-60s.

Four years ago, my principal asked me start a fall play at the high school. I complied, knowing that I would have to seek the guidance of others, including my friends who were involved at CTL. I was in two shows and learned a lot along the way, never thinking that I would be asked to direct there some day.

It would seem that day is here! I'm accustomed to directing at the high school level, where directing means producing and publicizing and managing the seemingly endless list of "things" to be done. At CTL, I will be one part of a team of talented and responsible adults who will, I hope, bring enthusiasm and experience to the table.

Tonight is our first round of auditions, and I am excited to see who shows up!

Milk Facts

This information is from an extremely reliable source (though which "extreme" of reliability, I'll allow you to decide for yourself). Gabrielle told me the following facts about milk:

* Baby milk comes from mommies.

* Big kid milk comes from cows.

* When cows eat grass, we get white milk.

* Occasionally, cows eat grass and strawberries and we get strawberry milk.

* Sometimes, cows get chocolate from the farmer and then they make chocolate milk.

There you have it.