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New Student

I got a new student on Thursday. . .

Speeches2011 443 
OK, actually, we finished the last of our demonstration speeches, and a student brought her horse in to demonstrate barrel racing -- in our practice field! 

Speeches2011 422 
Another fun day in B206...errr...outside of B206. 

Looked Upon as A Local Hero

On Thursday, I saved the snake!  I used an oven mitt, just in case the little guy was feeling defensive and decided to bite me, and I gently pulled him the rest of the way through the wire cage.  Phew!  I felt really bad about him being stuck, since you know, it was my fault that he was in the cage in the first place!

Backyard Fun Begins!

It's that time of year again, when the grass begins to grow and the dog starts to find baby garter snakes in the yard.  Yesterday, Duke was chasing a scared little snake around a tree when Aidan yelled to me.  I ran over with a wire hermit crab cage and a small stick and captured the snake.  (Coolest.  Mom.  Ever.)


When it was time to go to baseball practice, I foolishly allowed the kids to convince me to keep the snake until morning.  This morning, I saw the poor thing, halfway through one of the small wire squares in the cage!  I turned it on its side so that snake could at least touch the grass and possibly wiggle its way free.  I think I may try using an oven mitt to help pull it out?  Hmm...I don't know.  But lesson learned:  No overnight guests at the Snake Hotel.

The Fun Continues!

Today, we learned how to give a buzz cut

Speeches2011 090 
I even got to assist on the ear-trimming -- who says I wasted a year going to Beauty School?

We learned how to fold clothes the Hollister way, how to feed a baby (a student brought her adorable 8-month-old daughter in), how to make more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, how to kick a soccer ball, how to do pointe ballet, how to hurdle,

Speeches2011 112 

how to make cookies, how to play the guitar...

Speeches2011 136 
What a fun way for the kids to get to know each other a little better! 

Demonstration Speeches -- Honors English 11

This is going to be such a great week in B206!!!  My Honors 11 students are presenting Demonstration Speeches . . . and I have some very talented and diverse students!  Today, we met Dixie:

Speeches2011 021 

And we all learned a LOT about cattle showing!

Speeches2011 036

We also learned how to change oil, how to make sandtart cookies, how to make a PB&J, how to correctly throw a football, and how to act...

Speeches2011 048 

This student was in the show I directed this fall, Our Town.   I enjoyed this particular slide, which he showed as he talked about getting into the emotional role of character...

Speeches2011 053 
I can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings! 

Mother's Day Project

The ever-talented Mrs. Jones of Kindergarten fame created a project for Mother's Day.  Fortunately, we had Grandma Tina at our house the day we started it.  It's a six-week adventure . . .

Day ONE:

Speeches2011 003 

Speeches2011 010 

Speeches2011 011 
At the end of Week ONE: 

Speeches2011 013 

Third Marking Period

It's the end of the third marking period -- there are roughly 8 weeks of school left.  That alone is hard to believe.  Michael went to the conference with Aidan's kindergarten teacher yesterday, and we were very pleased with what she had to tell us.  After our bump in the road a few weeks ago when we learned that Aidan was fibbing and acting up a bit in school, we were happy to hear that the behavior issues are gone from the classroom.  In addition, Aidan is making excellent progress in his kindergarten standards (yes, The State even mandates what 6-year-olds must know by the end of their first year of school).  The kindergarten reading levels are alphabetically categorized, and the expectation is for kids to be on levels A through C by the end of the year.  Our little boy is already on level E.  His teacher says that he expresses himself very well in writing and speech, especially for a boy.  (Michael replied, "His mom will be glad to hear that!")  He predicts what will happen in stories, he reads with meaningful inflection which indicates a comprehension of the text. 

In addition, his little mind works so that he sees patterns and is able to complete tasks quite quickly.  For example, they were supposed to fill in boxes with numbers from 1-100.  Aidan finished early and turned the paper over and went to 200 because he noticed a pattern in the boxes, that all the 1s lined up, all the 2s lined up, and so on. 

All this is wonderful, don't get me wrong.  I worry, though, about a trait we've been noticing in him.  I recognize it especially well because I think he may have inherited it from me.  He's very hard on himself when he doesn't do something perfectly.  For example, in a sight-word challenge, Aidan was winning round after round against his peers in class.  A girl came up to compete with him and the teacher encouraged her to win because she hadn't won before.  As it turns out, the girl beat Aidan.  He immediately started to cry because he was so upset that he lost.  When the teacher talked to him about it, he said what we hear at home from time to time when he messes up and breaks a rule:  "I'm so stupid for doing that!  I am really mad at myself right now!"  The teacher was able to reason with him, though -- she calls him a kinderadult because of his ability to reason logically -- and she explained that yes, he lost, but that was the first time that other student had won, and that was really important for her.  After their talk, Aidan took on a more encouraging role, helping his peers be successful and the teacher said he got true enjoyment out of that. 

Michael talked to the teacher about what we've heard at home ("I hate myself for messing up.  I shouldn't have done that and I'm so stupid!") and she said that that kind of frustration is typical of advanced kids.  So like I said, it's nice that he's advanced, but we don't want to rush his childhood and I feel bad that seems to have my perfectionist gene.  We try to help him understand that it's OK to mess up because we often learn from our failure more than we do from our successes.  

BFFs for Life

Last weekend, Aidan went with his grandparents to visit Michael's sister and her husband for Aunt Michelle's birthday.  It was a simple, overnight excursion.  On the second day, Aidan asked to go home early because "It's just not as fun without my sister here."

This is how I found the two of them this morning.

[Editor's Note:  That is MY SIDE OF THE BED!!!!!!!!]