Happy Spring from Central PA!
Sunday at the Connors

Guardian Angels, Reporting for Duty

Last evening, Michael and Liam's guardian angels were on duty, full force.  On the way home from Lock Haven, they were traveling in the truck on the highway, and came upon a construction zone.  Michael slowed down accordingly as the traffic in front of him came to stop.  The driver behind him, however, neglected to slow down in time.  Michael thought ahead and was able to pull the truck off to the side a little bit to avoid a straight-on hit.  The other car hit the back of the truck at a speed of approximately 35 mph.  That's when Michael and Liam's guardian angels took over.  Both of my guys are fine, and the truck (obviously, a lesser concern) was hardly damaged.  The woman's car, though, was totaled!  When she saw that there was a baby in our vehicle, the driver burst into tears and apologized profusely. 

After the accident report was filed and the insurance information was exchanged, Michael and Liam headed home.  Slightly shaken, Mike was glad to be home, and Little Liam was oblivious -- he was smiling and cooing like it was a normal day.  And we all thanked God for keeping them safe!



Saying prayers of thanksgiving! God is good!

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