Happy Birthday, Grandma Tina!
Chuckling at This Compliment . . .

Veggies are My Friends

Yep, I gave up meat for Lent.  I know it's only been since Wednesday, but so far, it's really not that difficult.  And wow!  I feel like I'm actually being healthy.  Gee, who saw that coming, right?  Eat veggies, feel healthy.  What a weird connection.  I've had salads, spinach and cheese dip, hummus with flatbread, a baked potato, zucchini squash, apples, snap peas.  I mean seriously, don't you feel healthier after reading that list?  :) Looking forward to to 37 more days as a vegetarian . . . and as my friend Katie says, I might just stay that way.  Well . . . okay, I kind of doubt that, but I suppose anything is possible.



D...if you really feel the temptation to eat a big juicy steak, then you could pop in a Veggietales DVD...HA! Seriously I am so proud of you for your willpower and more importantly, your dedication to your faith. :) Shell

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