Little Fibber
A Classic

Quite the Reaction

On Saturday, before the birthday party, we went to Petco and got 2 new frogs and a shrimp for my school fish tank.  We dropped them off in my classroom before going off into our hectic weekend. 

Fast forward to this morning at school.  I came in and discovered my shrimp had died at some point between Saturday and Monday.  I scooped him out of the tank and put his lifeless carcass into a plastic bag.  I knew Petco had a 15-day guarentee, but I wasn't sure if proof of death was required. 

When I came home today, I showed Aidan and Gabrielle my poor shrimp.  Gabrielle had a priceless reaction.  She gasped, put her chubby little hands on her cheeks and shouted, "Oh no, Mommy!  Your sheemp died!" 

I took it back tonight and got a replacement "sheemp" -- hopefully this one won't go to the fish tank in the sky any time soon.



Denise, you do realize that someday you will be able to write an extremely humorous book, make lots of money, and retire early all because you have two children who say the darnest things. :) Thanks for making me smile. Michelle

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