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Veggies are My Friends

Yep, I gave up meat for Lent.  I know it's only been since Wednesday, but so far, it's really not that difficult.  And wow!  I feel like I'm actually being healthy.  Gee, who saw that coming, right?  Eat veggies, feel healthy.  What a weird connection.  I've had salads, spinach and cheese dip, hummus with flatbread, a baked potato, zucchini squash, apples, snap peas.  I mean seriously, don't you feel healthier after reading that list?  :) Looking forward to to 37 more days as a vegetarian . . . and as my friend Katie says, I might just stay that way.  Well . . . okay, I kind of doubt that, but I suppose anything is possible.

Happy Birthday, Grandma Tina!

October 2008 049 

I personally think that we gave her the best present -- because Mike and I have a concert on Sunday afternoon, complete with rehearsals tonight and tomorrow, in addition to our usual Mass routine, the kids are staying with Grandma in Lock Haven for the weekend.  If nothing else, she'll be ready for a nap by Sunday night!!

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Just Another Day in B206

I love having this kind of classroom.  It's not really that odd for a student to show up to 7th period with a loaf of white bread and an orange.

Pippen2009 006   

It just so happened that shortly after this class began, we went into "lock down" mode as the administration swept the school with drug dogs (not sure why . . . hoping it was just a drill).  Because such lock downs can last for hours (last year, one was over 2 hours, if I recall correctly), one student quipped, "Well, we'll be OK because we can eat the loaf of bread."  Another replied, "Yeah, and if things get really bad, we can eat the fish in Mrs. Connor's fish tank!"

Fortunately for my fish, it didn't come to that, and the lock down lasted a little over one period.  :)

Quite the Reaction

On Saturday, before the birthday party, we went to Petco and got 2 new frogs and a shrimp for my school fish tank.  We dropped them off in my classroom before going off into our hectic weekend. 

Fast forward to this morning at school.  I came in and discovered my shrimp had died at some point between Saturday and Monday.  I scooped him out of the tank and put his lifeless carcass into a plastic bag.  I knew Petco had a 15-day guarentee, but I wasn't sure if proof of death was required. 

When I came home today, I showed Aidan and Gabrielle my poor shrimp.  Gabrielle had a priceless reaction.  She gasped, put her chubby little hands on her cheeks and shouted, "Oh no, Mommy!  Your sheemp died!" 

I took it back tonight and got a replacement "sheemp" -- hopefully this one won't go to the fish tank in the sky any time soon.

Little Fibber

Last week, Aidan told us at dinner: "The police were at our school today."  Of course, I asked why, and Aidan explained, "There was a fire in the kitchen."

"What do you mean, Aidan?" we asked.

"Well, there was a raccoon and then the fire started and the police came." 

I'll spare you all the details, but eventually the truth came out -- Aidan was looking out the window and saw a cop car drive by.  How on earth that morphed into a fire and a raccoon and the police actually being in the school I have no idea -- except that the imagination of a four-year-old is a powerful force. 


The other day, Mike was driving with Aidan in the car, and another car pulled out in front of them.  Without thinking, Mike said, "What the hell?" 

And then he realized what he'd done.  He immediately said, "I'm sorry, Aidan.  It was wrong of me to say that."

Aidan replied, "No, it wasn't, Daddy."

Mike said, "No, Aidan, I really shouldn't have said that."

Aidan insisted, "No, Daddy, it is OK.  That was a HILL that we just drove up."

Nice save, huh?

Whirlwind Weekend


It's 3 p.m. on Sunday, and that is all I really say after this crazy weekend.  On Saturday, Aidan and Gabrielle went to a friend's birthday party at Super Jump. 

Fundraiser Concert 005 

And then we were off to dinner with Mike's mom, dad, sister and brother-in-law at Haywood's in Muncy.  John and Adam were especially adventurous . . .

Fundraiser Concert 010 

Uhh...those are hot dogs.  (YUCK!)

Then we were off to sing for a Fundraiser Concert to raise money for a team heading to Biloxi to help Katrina victims who are STILL rebuilding their lives.  The concert was 3 hours long (there was a dessert auction at intermission!) but it was a nice opportunity to sing with good friends and for a good audience!

Now, tomorrow, the school week starts and we get to do it all over again!     

Random Musings

I don't really have a theme for this post; I am just going to write out my thoughts and go from there!  :)

* In my Gender Studies class the other day, some of the female students claimed that they don't compare themselves to other females, that they are genuinely happy with who they are and what they look like.  Part of me was like, "Yay!  Good for them" and part of me was thinking, "Yeah, and you are lying to look confident."  I wonder which part is right.

* Teaching is exhausting.  Why can every student act exactly as I expect them to?  Oh, right, they are individuals and that would get really boring.  It would be nice not get a curve ball out of nowhere for a week or so.  I need a break! 

* It's tough being a principal.  I've thought about pursuing the certification for administration, but I am starting to think that teaching in college eventually is a better goal.

* I wish I could call my friends and family more often.  I tried to talk to Michael, who was on his way to Bucknell, for 3 minutes (literally) and the kids were just not having that nonesense!  They were running around, screaming, etc. for attention.  So, loved ones, please send an email.  At least I can do that while we watch a family movie.

* What is the perfect consistency for oatmeal and why can't I ever get it right for Aidan the first time?

* Am I really like Alexander Hamilton?  I am not even historically savvy enough to know if when a teacher compared my classroom style to him was I being insulted or complimented?  Hmmm...

* Where did my baby go and who is this young girl in her bedroom?

* I''ve been thinking about going vegetarian for Lent.  Talk about a big sacrifice.  Can I actually do it?  And if I decide on something else more manageable, isn't that sort of a wimpy way out?  :)

* I think that's about it for now.