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December 2008 entries

Home Early on New Year's Eve

We decided to hang out with one of our favorite families, the Powells, for NYE this year.  Around 9:15 or so, Aidan fell asleep.  We can always rely on Aidan to drop like a ton of bricks as soon as he gets tired.  It is usually a quick transition, too.  And we've been a bit spoiled by his ability to sleep anywhere and everywhere.  We'd take him to rehearsals when he was a newborn; he'd sleep right through, no problem.

Princess Gabrielle, on the other hand, was a walking zombie until 10:45 when we left for home.  At about 11 p.m., I tucked her into bed and at approximately 11:00:15, she was out -- but do you think she'd even consider closing those peepers at the Powells?  Heck no!  She might just miss something.

So, now it is 11:15 p.m. and my husband is sawing wood next to me already, and I am thinking I should stay up at least 45 minutes to usher in 2009. 

May you have a healthy and blessed new year!  May your life be self-reflective and compassionate and meaningful, each and every day! 

Bedtime Rituals and Color Confusion

I just put Gabrielle to bed after a long day of playing with friends and throwing bags of salad at each other at Scot's (right, Joyce?).  After we brushed our teeth, Elle caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror.  She is wearing a bright orange t-shirt from Bostley's, and when she saw herself, she said, "Orange Juice."  She keeps saying that her shirt is orange juice instead of just the color orange. 

I laughed at her confusion and took her to her room.  I put on her lullaby CD, prayer our "night-night prayer" and gave hugs and kisses.  As I went to leave the room, she said, "Mores hugs" so of course, I complied. 

I gave her another hug, a kiss, an Eskimo kiss, a butterfly kiss (the one with your eyelashes) and then she said in a cherubic voice, "Knuckles, Mommy."  That's right, my sweet little 2-year-old daughter wanted to knuckle-bump before bed.  Adorable!

I'll Be Home For Christmas

After Mass yesterday, we went to Roaring Spring (near Altoona, PA) to visit my family.  We had a great meal (well, except the pies, right Mom?? haha...she forgot to put sugar in her pumpkin pie-- whoops!) and my parents thoroughly spoiled all of us.  :)

Hershey Christmas 067  

Hershey Christmas 054  

Hershey Christmas 060  

We had a great day! 

Hershey Christmas 089  

Pappy's little girls aren't so little any more . . . 

Hershey Christmas 090  

Hershey Christmas 092  

Can two be a conspiracy?

Two nights as I put the kids to bed, they were resisting sleep big time.  As I took Gabrielle to her room, Aidan whispered loudly, "Remember, Gabrielle, you can get out of your bed and open your door now.  Don't forget.  Just come out and meet me here." 

It took me nearly an hour to get these cohorts in bed! 

This little Angel would NEVER do that, would he?