You know you have 21st century toddlers when . . .
Refreshed, Reflective, and Rejuvinated

Home Early on New Year's Eve

We decided to hang out with one of our favorite families, the Powells, for NYE this year.  Around 9:15 or so, Aidan fell asleep.  We can always rely on Aidan to drop like a ton of bricks as soon as he gets tired.  It is usually a quick transition, too.  And we've been a bit spoiled by his ability to sleep anywhere and everywhere.  We'd take him to rehearsals when he was a newborn; he'd sleep right through, no problem.

Princess Gabrielle, on the other hand, was a walking zombie until 10:45 when we left for home.  At about 11 p.m., I tucked her into bed and at approximately 11:00:15, she was out -- but do you think she'd even consider closing those peepers at the Powells?  Heck no!  She might just miss something.

So, now it is 11:15 p.m. and my husband is sawing wood next to me already, and I am thinking I should stay up at least 45 minutes to usher in 2009. 

May you have a healthy and blessed new year!  May your life be self-reflective and compassionate and meaningful, each and every day! 



Talk about dropping like a ton of bricks. I made it to 9:37 then I dropped.

Happy, Blessed New Year, Denise!

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