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Bedtime Rituals and Color Confusion

I just put Gabrielle to bed after a long day of playing with friends and throwing bags of salad at each other at Scot's (right, Joyce?).  After we brushed our teeth, Elle caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror.  She is wearing a bright orange t-shirt from Bostley's, and when she saw herself, she said, "Orange Juice."  She keeps saying that her shirt is orange juice instead of just the color orange. 

I laughed at her confusion and took her to her room.  I put on her lullaby CD, prayer our "night-night prayer" and gave hugs and kisses.  As I went to leave the room, she said, "Mores hugs" so of course, I complied. 

I gave her another hug, a kiss, an Eskimo kiss, a butterfly kiss (the one with your eyelashes) and then she said in a cherubic voice, "Knuckles, Mommy."  That's right, my sweet little 2-year-old daughter wanted to knuckle-bump before bed.  Adorable!



Right, Denise! (Let's not give "big" kids any ideas of games to play in the grocery store!)

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