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God Complex?

Gabrielle's vocabulary has been tripling by the day, or so it seems.  At meals, she has taken to asking us if our food is good..which is really nice, except that she sounds like this: "Are you god, Mommy?"   It took us a few times through to understand what on earth she was saying.  Of course, I had to get Mike to stop saying, "Yes" every time she asked him... haha.

Two funny stories...

Yesterday, at Michelle and Adam's wedding, Aidan and Gabrielle and I were walking around outside the church while the photos were being taken.  Aidan found a large stick and a teeny tiny stick.  He kept the large stick for himself and handed the small stick to Gabrielle, who was in my arms at the time.  He said, "Now Mommy, you put her down."  I asked why and he told me, "So we can fight like pirates." 

What do you think I did?

(Answer: Put Gabrielle down and told her to take out his kneecaps...)

Second story...Tonight, at dinner (a great place for blog material...), Michael told Aidan (who has NEVER liked potatoes) that he should try his potatoes au gratin because "they are covered in cheese."  Mike was in the kitchen at the time, so Aidan risked saying under his breath, "Maybe YOU are covered with cheese, Daddy" before promptly positioning two long green beans so that they were sticking out of this mouth and making seal/walrus noises.

I think it's an improvement...

The other day, Aidan was mad at Gabrielle for taking something he was playing he said he wanted her to die.  Isn't that nice? After his timeout, I talked to him about what it would mean for Gabrielle to die, for him not to have a little sister anymore.  He seemed fairly remorseful and seemed to get the message.

Today, when Gabrielle refused to share a book he was interested in, Aidan said, "I wish you would go to Heaven."

Mike noted, under his breath, that at least he said heaven...


I just have to vent about something that is irritating to me.   Recently, someone close to me apologized to someone for having offending them...I was under the impression that everything was OK now between these two people...until I saw something that the offended person wrote that basically quoted what the first person already apologized for.  Now, its either OK or not.  Why continue this situation?  I have to think that some people are just addicted to confrontation and complication.  I think that the person who offended the other person did the right thing by apologizing...the next step in forgiveness is moving on.