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March 2008 entries

"Alright, fine!"

Last night, Mike and Aidan went to the video store and rented The Bee Movie (with the voices of Jerry Seinfeld and Renee Zelwegger...Zellweger...Zel..whatever, you had me at hello) and The Wild (a blend of Madegascar and The Lion King).  We wanted to watch The Bee Movie, and Aidan was insisting on The Wild.  We gave in, and we put in The Wild.  About 10 minutes into the movie, evidently Aidan had had enough of our complaining about the movie. 

He threw up his hands and exclaimed, "Alright, fine!  We can watch your Bee Movie!" 

So we did.

After we stopped laughing.

The Scouters Start Early

Last night, I decided that since I was ready for my classes today, I would sleep in and go to school around 7:30 or 8 instead of my usual 6:30.  I set my alarm for 6:30 instead of 5, and snuggled in for a long winter's nap.

Cue Aidan's "slappy feet" at 5:30 a.m.

Cue Aidan's chubby little hands lightly tapping me on the face, as his customary wake-up call.

Cue Aidan's celebratory proclamation: "Mommy!  I slept in my bed the whole night AND I didn't pee in my sheets. We don't pee in our sheets, we pee in the potty!"

And so on...he was completely alert and ready to start his day.  I got up, went to his room and played hide and seek with his animals for a while (he likes to cover his eyes while I hide them, and then he tries to find them) until it became obvious that he was going to wake Baby Elle up. 

I decided we'd go to breakfast.  We threw on some shoes and packed up the animals and went to Dunkin' Donuts.  We walk up to the counter and Aidan immediately says, "Hello.  I am Aidan Michael Connor, and I'd like a doughnut." 

While we were dining, what seemed to be the regulars began arriving at the store, all smiling and talking to Aidan.  Just before we left, Aidan and I went to the counter to order a few doughnuts and a coffee for Daddy and Baby Elle (the coffee was for her; she loves lattes. [Editor's Note:  This is obviously hyperbole.  If you know what hyperbole is, thank your English teacher.]).  Aidan was carrying on a conversation with a table of women (my hopes for the priesthood are waning...), telling them how teranadons are flying dinosaurs that eat fish. 

As it turns out, of the women was a first-grade teacher.  She said, "Wow, Aidan, I'd love to have you in my first-grade class."  She teaches in Williamsport, though, so her recruiting was in vain. 

So all in all, it was a good morning, despite my foiled plan to sleep in.  The family got coffee and doughnuts, and Aidan got scouted by a first-grade teacher.  All this before 7 a.m.  What possibilities this day has! 

Would the real Denise M. Connor please stand up?

About a month or so ago, I received a phone call from a company asking for "Denise M. Connor."  The person on the phone asked me why I hadn't paid my Limited credit card account.  I was confused:  "Limited like the clothing store?"  Yes.  "There isn't even a Limited store around here."  Well, they know I have an account and I haven't paid it.  Well, I know I do not have an account.  We checked last 4 digits of my social security number and quickly determined that I was the wrong Denise M. Connor in Pennsylvania. 

Fast forward to last night.  "Agent Washington" called asking for "Denise M. Connor" yet again, and I came to the phone.  "Agent Washington" then informed me that the bank was ready to take action on my delinquent account.  I was very confused...I had completely forgotten about the Limited phone call from last month.  I asked her what account she was referring to, and once she said the word "Limited," I said, "Ok, I was called about this already last month, and I am not the right Denise M. Connor in PA.  Can we verify social security numbers and get this over with?"  Graciously, "Agent Washington" complied to my request, and it was again determined that I am not the Denise M. Connor in Pennsylvania with whom the bank is ready to take action.

So I ask you, the real Denise M. Connor with the delinquent Limited account, to please stand up and call "Agent Washington" and settle your debts.  :)

We are a Dinosaur Family

Aidan was being silly the other night, and he was telling us what kind of dinosaurs we are.  He is the eurocentrisaurus; Baby Elle is the "poky dinosaur" or the triceratops (I thought this was cute ... the triceratops is Aidan's favorite); Michael is the stegasaurus.  And then we asked him what kind I was...

Trex That's right, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, roughly translated into English as The Tyrant King.  Kids are awfully perceptive, aren't they? 

"Your Mom" Jokes

Today, in in-school suspension (I have supervisory duty three days a week), I overheard the following exchange:

Student 1:  "You are amazing." [dripping with sarcasm]

Student 2:  "That's what YOUR MOM says!"

S1:  "Dude, have you seen my mom?  She has a mullet."

[general laughter]

It was the most creative "your mom" comeback I've heard in a while.  Our poor mothers.  :)

I am never so popular as on a due date...

My sophomore College English students' term papers are due today.  I've never been so popular.  Here are some highlights of my morning, which have come via email, text message, and in person:

"Mrs. Connor, is this right?" [The caption to a PICTURE MESSAGE of a student's lie.]

"I was up until 1:30 a.m. typing this, and since most of my sources said the same thing, I just cited one of them.  Will I do good on it?"

"Here...[handing me the paper] I didn't trust myself to carry around until 3rd period."

"Mrs. Connor, I've attached my paper to this email.  Can you please print it for me?" [It was NOT attached...]

"Are we supposed to cite every little thing we get from our sources?"

I am sure I will have more stories...sickness, natural diaster, robbery, interferring the day progresses.  It's only first period.  :)

Luck of the Swiss

The students have been picking on me for not being "really Irish" since I married an Irishman, and because my mom is adopted, I don't have enough "proof" (evidently my red hair and freckles are not sufficient) to say that I am Irish on my own accord.  Because I told them that the Hersheys (my maiden name) hail from Switzerland, Taylor, the previously mentioned rogue, has taken to changing a sign in my room which says, "Luck of the Irish" to "Luck of the Swiss." 


"I don't want that Easter bunny..."

Two nights ago, Aidan was exhausted, and we were lying in our bed as he mumbled incoherently. 

Aidan: "Mommy.  I don't want any of my dinosaur movies.  Can you take them all away from me?"

Me: "Yes, honey, I can do that.  Shhh," smoothing his hair, trying to help him calm down. 

Aidan: "No, Mommy!  I love my," as he drifted off in between phrases.

Me: "Ok, sweetie.  Whatever you want."

Aidan: "I don't want that Easter bunny to come to our house.  He is ...disgusting...and I don't...want him to come over...zzzzz."

Needless to say, he was pretty happy that the "disgusting" Easter bunny came over today!

Taylor Broke Our Flamingo

Now you can put a face to the infamous flamingo-breaker (   If you see this young man, scowl at him.  Wagging fingers are optional.  :)


Notice the backpack held together by plastic zip ties, thread, and heaven knows what else.  Taylor is a sophomore; it is his plan to still carry that bookbag until graduation. 

By the way, he is also the creative genius behind my stapler in a jello mould... (