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August 2007 entries

Listening Ears All Day

At Aidan's preschool, they keep a log of his activities, what he eats for lunch, how he behaves, etc.  We jokingly call it his daily report card.  Because Aidan loves fruit snacks, we tell him if he has "listening ears all day" (one of the options under the behavior column), then he can have a packet of fruit snacks.  It works pretty well.

Tuesday was my first day teaching, and before I left for school, Aidan told me, "Mommy, if you have listening ears all day at school, you get a fruit snack!"

I chuckled and told him that I'd do my best!

The Magic of 27

Don't ask me why, but ever since I was a kid, I envisioned the perfect age to be 27.  I thought I'd have everything together by 27, and still not be "old" ... you know, like 30! 

So there is at lot of pressure on me this year.  I turn the magical age on Monday.  I seem to be in pretty good shape for a great year: master's degree is finished, new career is underway, 2 beautiful kids, 1 wonderful husband, a new house.

Which only leaves me wondering . . . if 27 is the best year of my life, what is next year??  :)  I think I may have to reevaluate my outlook on age!  :)

Carpe Diem

This is my favorite poem for this time of year, this time of new beginnings (if you live in the academic world, that is)

To the Virgins, To Make Much of Time

Gather ye rose-buds while ye may,
Old Time is still a flying:
And this same flower that smiles today,
Tomorrow will be dying.

The glorious lamp of heaven, the sun,
The higher he's a getting;
The sooner will his race be run,
And nearer he's to setting.

That age is best, which is the first,
When youth and blood are warmer;
But being spent, the worse, and worst
Times, still succeed the former.

Then be not coy, but use your time;
And while ye may, go marry:
For having lost but once your prime,
You may forever tarry.

~ Robert Herrick (1648)

Potty . . . Mouth?

I suppose it was inevitable.

I suppose I should be glad that it took two and half years to happen.

My pint-sized word-lover has expanded (I question the term) his lexicon to include a curse word.  For the sake of household peace, I will not revel the source of the word or the word itself.  :)

Everything that I've read seems to suggest that the best way to handle this situation is to basically ignore him when he says it, or direct his attention to other things.  The best thing to do, I've been told, is to not react.  Not an easy task.  Consider the following scenario:

Me: "Aidan, you can't hit your sister.  You get two minutes on the time-out chair."

Aidan: "No! No!"

Me: "Aidan, I am setting the timer for two minutes.  I think you need time to cool down.  Do you need some time to calm down?"

Aidan: [throws hands in air and joyfully exclaims] $#%@&#($~!

See what I mean? 

I'm just hoping he doesn't say it while he's at preschool . . .

Cathartic Cleaning

Ahhh....we're back online at the Connor house!

We had an awesome trip to Virginia Beach, complete with a trip to the Virginia Science Museum (ahh! Sharks!); an adventure with waterslides and go-karts (not at the same time, though that might be fun!); and good old-fashioned playing on the beach!

And, we've moved to our new home! 

It comes with the territory, of course, that we clean the old house before our lease ends.  I find this process particularly invigorating.  With each wall I scrub, with each carpet I vacuum, I relive the great moments in that house, and I release any negative things that may be associated with our time there. 

Also cathartic is the unpacking and organization of the new house...and my new classroom!  I have my first in-service days next week, and the students come on August 28.  How exciting!

Now that our DSL has officially moved to the new house, I will keep this blog more current.  So, please, stop sending me emails, demanding that I write!  (hee hee)